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Why Zusto?

Nothing but advantages

It’s obvious why chefs and pastry chefs use Zusto:

  • Zusto is extremely versatile
  • has four times less calories than sugar
  • is easy to process in products

Do you need another reason? Zusto tastes delicious.

Replace your usual amount of sugar with the exact same amount of Zusto, that’s all there is to it.

“Zusto’s ingredients are all natural and are FDA-approved in Europe and the United States. There’s no reason not to commercialize it.”

Prof. André Huyghebaert

“Zusto is a beautiful substitute for anyone who wants to enjoy sweet products but isn’t able to anymore because they want to avoid added sugars.”

Prof. Raoul Rottiers

“Obesity is a prosperity disease that both young and old are suffering from more and more.” Thierry Hanh