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Why Zusto?

Health benefits

The fibres in Zusto don’t only add sweetness and texture, they also have health benefits such as a lower blood sugar level when replacing sugar.

Everyone knows that eating more fibres is healthy. The fibres derived from chicory are even labelled as a super food. Furthermore they lead to a substantial calorie reduction.

Strawberry jam made with Zusto contains almost 70% less calories.

“Zusto’s ingredients are all natural and are FDA-approved in Europe and the United States. There’s no reason not to commercialize it.”

Prof. André Huyghebaert

“Zusto is a beautiful substitute for anyone who wants to enjoy sweet products but isn’t able to anymore because they want to avoid added sugars.”

Prof. Raoul Rottiers

“Obesity is a prosperity disease that both young and old are suffering from more and more.” Thierry Hanh