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How do I use Zusto?

User tips

How much to use

Zusto replaces all added sugar in a ratio of 1-to-1. There’s no need to adjust existing recipes.

avoiding clumps

Add Zusto little by little to avoid clumps.


Do you want to make caramel? You can! Just note that Zusto dissolves slower than sugar. Add Zusto little by little and stir well. Let it cook until it turns into caramel.


To reach a brix value of 70°C/158°F, mix 700g/24.7oz Zusto with 300g/10.6oz water, just like you would with normal sugar. The desired amount of dry ingredients (brix value) can be read with a refractometer.


Don’t immediately mix Zusto with butter to avoid clumps. Butter can be added after mixing Zusto with another ingredient.


When your first step in a process is to mix Zusto with eggs, it’s best to do this on a high speed.

Reducing the fat content

When using Zusto instead of sugar, the fat content in your recipe can be reduced with 5 to 10% or even more without changing the texture or mouth feel. This way you don’t only reduce the amount of calories (400 kcal/100), but also the fat (900 kcal/100).


Zusto is more susceptible to moisture than sugar. Make sure to close the packaging well after use or store Zusto in an airtight container.

“Zusto’s ingredients are all natural and are FDA-approved in Europe and the United States. There’s no reason not to commercialize it.”

Prof. André Huyghebaert

“Zusto is a beautiful substitute for anyone who wants to enjoy sweet products but isn’t able to anymore because they want to avoid added sugars.”

Prof. Raoul Rottiers

“Obesity is a prosperity disease that both young and old are suffering from more and more.” Thierry Hanh